Continental-Inspired Restaurant in Butiama

Mwitongo Lodge is a place of culture and flavors, with both local and international cuisines waiting to be discovered. Enjoy your meals at Mwitongo Lodge and discover local and international restaurant and bar with delicious food and drink menus.
Enjoy dining surrounded by spectacular views of the Mara region. Taste our Tanzanian and African dishes that will make you remember Butiama forever.
The Chef and his team serve only the best foods, the freshest ingredients and with profound inspiration and creativity. The perfection is in its carefully selected local influences and a fusion of African delights based on seasonal specialities. From breakfast with warm, oven crisp breads and freshly squeezed juices.
All the main dishes are paired with the finest drinks from climate-controlled cellars

Restaurant Specials

Mwitongo Lodge restaurant is open Monday to Sunday 6:30am to 10:00am for breakfast. Guest can choose between a full breakfast (if available), or a continental breakfast. Or they can order from a la carte menu of the day